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An overview with frequently asked questions and the answers.
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Who is behind Uptmz?
Active in online marketing since 2004. Together with 180 people strong, we work together with our clients, who spend millions of euros on online marketing. All the knowledge, systems, and algorithms from years of experience come together in Uptmz. Our software works as hard for one euro as for 15.000 a day. With that advantage, the small- and medium business market can compete on the highest level.
What if I already have enough clients?
As a business you'll have ups and downs. It's always a smart decision to run algorithms over a longer time (with a low budget, because no hurry ;) ) Whenever you're ready to serve new clients, you can easily increase your budget to lead more potential customers to your website. With all the knowledge the algorithm already built up, our software can directly get you new clients. We recommend to let the tool be active at all time with the minimum budget. This is possible for only one euro a day.
How much time will it take?
Everything after making your account is taken care off. Our algorithms decide everything for you, however, it's also possible to login and help the algorithm. For example, by accepting or rejecting keywords.
Am I stuck with a contract?
No, we want to give you the freedom to choose adjust your budget whenever you want. Therefore, we don't work with contracts.
I've tried advertising before, without any results. Why is Uptmz different?
What a shame! We're hearing this a few times every year from clients who did use Utpmz before. The most common cause is that people are overloaded with options to adjust in Google Ads. That's why we started Uptmz: to take care of all the difficulties of advertising through AI. With Uptmz, your ad will only show up to the right person, on the right time, with the right ad texts. Thus, increasing your chance of success!
Can I try it?
Definitely! We'll recommend you to start with a minimum 2 or 3 months to get the best results. In most cases people will have a budget between €7,- and €13 a day for Google Ads. So the algorithm has enough time and space to check out which search terms works best for your website. You'll also exclude any coincidence by receiving more or less clicks based on events like holidays or internet breakdowns.
Do I need to create a Google Ads account?

No, this isn't necessary. If you don't have an active Google Ads account, we create one for you and connect it directly with our software.

Do you already have an active Google Ads account? Then we only have to make a connection. When there is more than one Google Ads account for the same website, Google will automatically stop both campaigns.

Budget & Financial
What does the tool costs?
The only thing you pay is 40% from you advertising budget (over the first 1,000,- budget, everything above will be charged at 10%). This makes Uptmz in all cases a much cheaper compared to working with an agency. For example, with € 300,- monthly Google Ads budget with one hour a week consultancy, the account management will cost 4.3 * € 110,- = € 473 ,- per month. Our tool will cost in the same situation € 120,-. Even if an agency can manage the big budgets within one hour a week, it will always be more expensive than our fee.

Want to offer Uptmz as an agency to your customers? In that case we have different conditions.
What budget do I need to start?
Most of our clients start with a budget between €7,- and €13,- a day. In that case the algorithm has enough budget to start with sufficient search terms for advertising and testing. After a month, Uptmz knows exactly which search terms work and which don't. You'll be able to change your budget every day, so you can adjust it exactly to your current situation.
If I double my budget, will my results double?
The efficiency for eveyr Google Ads budget will differ per website. The correct investment will be determined with a decreasing graph. In the beginning this will mean that every euro spend automatically means more conversions, after a while youll reaching an audience that is less interested in your product. Uptmz will keep this in 'mind' and checks automatically which search term is worth it's costs and which is not.
How does payment work?
In most cases you'll receive an invoice before you start your ad period. This invoice contains both the Uptmz fee and Google ads costs. You don't have to take care of seperate invoices from Google. After we receive your payment Uptmz will automatically start advertisement for your website. Adjusting your budget in the meanwhile? In that case your budget will last longer or shorter.
Is it difficult? Is Uptmz easier than Google Ads?
Besides to getting the best results for every euro spend on ads, Uptmz will help to make it as easy as possible. You'll only see the numbers that matter, like the impressions, clicks, and conversions. Uptmz will take care of the rest!
What if I already have running ads/campaigns?
No problem at all! To make a connection between the excisting Google Ads account and Uptmz we only need a 10 digits Google ADs-ID number. Uptmz will after acceptance manager your account. After our algorithms are working, you don't have to login to Google Ads no more.
Can I add search terms myself?
When creating an account, you can suggest search terms. The algorithm will keep these search terms in 'mind' and will take care that you will be found on these search terms. From that stage you will get search term suggestions. You can accept or decline these.
Do you also give technical support?
Uptmz will be there for automated advertising in Googles search results. Thats why we generally don't provide technical support. In the most cases our customers ask their web builder agency or provider for technical support. However if you have marketing questions we can help you. We will provide strategic advice based on an hourly rate.
Check all possibilities with our extra support packages
Can I track my conversions?
Definitely! On request, we can provide you with a code snippet, which should be implemented by you or your web design agency.
Check all possibilities with our extra support packages
Can I connect my Google Analtyics
If you want to connect Google Analtycis to Uptmz, it's necessary to provide Uptmz with editing permissions to your Google Analytics account. For a small amount we can make the connection for you, you'll only have to add our e-mailadres to your account.
Check all possibilities with our extra support packages
What about Ad Blockers?
You don't pay for all the business and consumers with adblockers installed. You'll be only paying for the business and consumers who actually click on the ad.
Can I contact you when I have questions?
In most cases Uptmz will be easy and straightforward, however, if you do have questions and you can't find them on this page, please contact our account managers listed below!
Can we get spam because of Uptmz?
No, that's because Google has its own quality control system for all the Google Ads traffic. This quality control system, consists of manual reviews, automated scripts, and extensive investigations. It's always possible that a robot slips trough but normally you only get real users. Most spam will not come from paid but organic search results. Spam robots work with automated scripts which scan websites to send messages.