About us

About Uptmz

Super effective automated advertising with Uptmz, thanks to our smartest algorithms and more than 15 years of hands-on experience. The new way of advertising without the hassle but with the full control.

Our philosophy
Compare Google's search result to a market shelf. Whenever somebody wants to buy something and your not there, you will miss out on revenue. That's a shame, because with one simple move Uptmz will put you on that (virtual) shelf!

Without complicated jargon, options, and settings. And without the expensive consultancy hours.

Determine your ideal daily budget

Discovering your growth potential? Fill in our budget calculator or contact us for personal advice.

Create your account

Your campaigns start automatically after your account is created. No phone calls, e-mails or extra work. Simple and easy, that's Uptmz.

Optimize, if you want to

Our platforming offers you suggestions that are relevant to your company. Take a look every now and then, and choose new or different search terms.